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The real reason behind many car accidents

A large majority of Americans have heard it all before: never drive while tired. Nevertheless, a myriad of drivers ignore these words of wisdom and hit Alabama's roads while exhausted. While getting to work on time and running those important errands are certainly top priorities, driving drowsy can ultimately place a driver's life -- and the lives of others on the road -- in danger.

The Washington Post is quick to compare drowsy drivers with drunk drivers in an article on sleep deprivation and road safety. Using a study from the American Automobile Association, The Post goes on to share that 35 percent of Americans admit to sleeping less than the recommended seven hours of sleep. This statistic may appear to only give the sleep preferences of those surveyed, but in fact reflects a common problem among the nation's drivers today. The AAA also found that 21 percent of deadly crashes involved a driver who was sleep-deprived. This issue may become a difficult one to solve, but another contributing factor could be that of social pressure to perform everyday duties on little sleep. 

The beginning steps to selling a home

Putting a property on the market can make way for many new life changes. After all, selling a home generally indicates the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Many Alabama homeowners have found themselves at this stage, but are unsure of the many steps involved in actually selling a house. Below are some of the basics to selling a home, and the potential obstacles that sellers could face. 

Many consider the thrills of buying a home, but there is also a considerable amount of time and thought that goes into selling a home. The Today Show highlighted some of these possible hiccups in the process, first recognizing that many homeowners wait extensive periods of time before finally selling a property. One downside to this aspect involves monthly mortgage payments; it is for this reason that finding a reliable realtor is essential. Today notes that good agents will dedicate time and money toward selling a property. Renovating and updating a home can also work to a homeowner's advantage, as any special perk can increase a property's value. With this step, however, comes the potential for unexpected costs; renovations can bring many fees to the table.

Wait! Don't forget about these car insurance claim tips

Do you worry about being involved in a car accident? Are you concerned that another driver could make a mistake that results in serious injuries to you and damage to your vehicle?

Like most, you do whatever you can to remain safe on the road. This means paying attention to what's going on around you, all with the idea of avoiding a situation that could lead you to a crash.

Alabama's best housing markets

Calling Alabama home can have a number of perks; buying a home in Alabama can bring even greater joys. Countless residents in the state have made the choice of home ownership, and with good reason: many housing markets in the state are thriving. With the variety of overwhelming aspects that can come with purchasing new turf, there are some real estate details to keep in mind.

Those looking to buy a home in the Yellowhammer state may be wondering about current property taxes. The Birmingham Business Journal announced last month that, as of this year, Alabama ranked number two for the lowest property taxes in the nation. The study -- released by WalletHub, which drew information from the U.S. Census Bureau -- also reveals Alabama's real estate tax of .43 percent; for a home of $185,000, average annual taxes were $791. The median home value in the state amounted to $128,500.  

Understanding residential zoning laws

Building a home in Alabama can come with endless joys: the freedom to choose a layout plan, landscaping and interior design are only a few of the many benefits of building. With those benefits come the expected and less exciting aspect of zoning laws. Whether it is a neighbor dispute or a contract guideline, understanding the laws that govern property can easily raise confusion. By looking to the basics, builders and homeowners alike can become better informed about all parts of the process.

The Atlantic takes a less common route when looking at zoning laws in America. According to their 2015 piece on zoning codes, they stressed that such laws not only make matters challenging for developers; they also feed inequality in the country. Economists explain the growing gap between what land would cost without regulation and what it costs in reality, claiming this shift has led to a false notion of scarcity. And while the variety of zoning laws across the country can help communities in many ways, The Atlantic points out that they can also separate by means of exclusivity. 

Can schools be held liable for shootings?

There is hardly a topic as grim as school shootings. In the wake of this week's events in Parkland, Florida, many distraught parents are wondering whether suing a school for a shooting is an option. With gun rights under the current spotlight, Alabama parents are gripped with fear that their childrens' schools may not be the safe spaces they once thought. After such a horrific event, some may question whether the institutions themselves can be held liable. 

Despite how unsettling a discussion on this topic may be, it is clear that school shootings are a problem in today's society. Looking to the tragedy that took place at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in 2014, Daily News speculates on parents' abilities to file a lawsuit against schools. In 2016, parents of the Marysville-Pilchuck victims sought over $100 million in damages from the both the shooter's father and the school district. The sole purpose of filing this lawsuit was to seek accountability. The parents also accused the school of failing to take effective precautions before the gunman took the lives of four other students. 

A car accident can result in many types of injury

The fear of injury is reason enough to do whatever you can to avoid trouble on the road. This doesn't even take into consideration the property damage typically associated with a motor vehicle accident.

As a driver, it's important to understand that an accident can result in many types of injury. Not only will this help keep you on your toes, but it will give you a clear idea of the steps to take should you find yourself in this position.

Can zoning laws threaten your business operations?

Zoning laws apply to residential and commercial property owners alike. Unfortunately, when the dispute impacts commercial operations, the financial viability of your business may be at stake. Alabama company recently learned this lesson the hard way.

The company, Sumiton Timber Company, operates a rail yard in Jefferson County through which sewage sludge is transferred. Trains, arriving from New York and New Jersey, are unloaded onto trucks. The cargo is then transported to a local landfill.  

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