Secure Your Assets With Wills And Trusts

Our Birmingham attorneys at Somma & Macon PC, help Alabama families establish comprehensive wills and secure trusts to protect their assets. Careful estate planning protects your assets, and provides the power to determine their future. We care about your family's well-being and use the legal tools we possess to shield your assets from taxation and creditors.

We can help you create secure wills and advise you on which trusts will best safeguard your interests. Choosing the appropriate trust protects your legacy money, and allows you to distribute property to loved ones without unnecessary taxes diminishing your assets.

If you are considering a new will, or establishing a trust, call 205-538-2802 to consult with one of our knowledgeable lawyers for a free consultation.

What Kinds Of Trusts Do We Create?

Our skilled Hoover attorneys understand how each type of trust benefits your strategic estate plan, and which trust to use depending upon the circumstances. After evaluating your assets, we can advise you on transferring property into:

  • Revocable trusts, commonly referred to as living trusts. Property placed in a revocable trust is exempt from the probate process.
  • Irrevocable trusts that cannot be modified after creation.
  • Asset protection trusts that prevent creditors from accessing your property.
  • Charitable trusts that gift property to a chosen charity or to the public. This protects your donation from taxation, and provides you with financial benefits during your life.
  • Special needs trusts that allow you to set aside assets for the care of a loved one who receives government benefits. This ensures that they retain their eligibility for government aid, and allows you to provide for their medical, education and financial needs.

Each type of trust is accompanied by unique conditions, and provides different benefits to you and your beneficiaries. Our meticulous attorneys will carefully evaluate your estate and help you determine which trust can best secure your assets.

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