Assisting With The Complexities Of Real Estate Law

Real estate investments require a substantial input of resources. Due to their considerable commitment, it is crucial to carefully evaluate and meticulously execute each decision. Our attorneys at Somma & Macon PC, are experienced with both commercial and residential real estate law. We skillfully help Alabama residents navigate each step of the real estate process, transactional and litigious, and evade potential pitfalls throughout the process.

If you are trying to wade through the intricacies of real estate law, call 205-538-2802 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Hoover attorneys.

Flexible Approach, Personalized Care

There is no single successful case approach. Each situation is unique, and deserves personalized care. We tailor our legal strategy based upon your circumstances, the persons involved and your goals. We strive to minimize case time and cost by creatively settling issues outside of court. However, we do not shy away from litigation. If we believe that it is in your best interest to go to court, we will aggressively pursue your case through litigation.

How Can An Attorney Add Value To Your Case?

Whether you are involved in a residential real estate purchase and sale, or a commercial contract negotiation, our attorneys can help you save time and resources by:

  • Navigating municipal codes governing your case
  • Examining property lines and titles
  • Uncovering and negotiating potential contractual issues
  • Ensuring fair compensation during your sale
  • Obtaining and submitting required permits
  • Resolving disputes between involved parties, including landlords and tenants

Schedule A Consultation With Our Thorough Attorneys

If you are considering a real estate investment, or are facing a legal battle concerning property holdings, call 205-538-2802 to schedule a free consultation with one of our Birmingham lawyers. You may also reach our office online. You do not have to wade through the complexities of real estate alone. Allow our attorneys to partner with you to protect your investment.