Experienced Commercial Real Estate Counsel

Commercial real estate purchases are complex, and require the successful completion of many steps. If each step is not property executed, there can be significant repercussions in the future. Whether you own a restaurant, bar or local store, our Alabama lawyers at Somma & Macon PC, can assist you from initial property development with contractors to the final stages of purchase and beyond.

Before you sign a contract, or finalize a purchase, call 205-538-2802 to schedule a free case evaluation at our Birmingham office.

Guidance Through Every Phrase Of Commercial Ownership

Owning commercial real estate is often more complex than residential real estate, and may involve more processes to ensure its success. Unfortunately, a misstep during any of these interactions can substantially impact your investment's future.

Our attorneys understand Alabama commercial real estate and can guide you through each step of the ownership process. While not a comprehensive list, our skilled attorneys can help you with:

  • Executing due diligence prior to a purchase
  • Evaluating and negotiating thorough contracts
  • Uncovering land zoning conflicts and solutions
  • Settling property disputes and establishing ownership
  • Transferring property titles
  • Sorting property tax issues
  • Executing property closings
  • Filing an action to quiet title
  • Sorting landlord-tenant disputes
  • Negotiating and finalizing commercial leases

Working with one of our attorneys on the processes above can reduce the chance of future commercial litigation and protect your property rights.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Knowledgeable Attorneys

If you have questions about any step of the commercial real estate process, contact our knowledgeable lawyers at 205-538-2802 to schedule a free consultation. You may also contact our Hoover office online. Working with an attorney can save you from stressful and expensive complications in the future. We partner with you through each step of the process, so you will feel confident that your investment is being properly secured.