Representation Through Landlord-Tenant Disputes

When you rent property, you enter into a contract with another individual. The contract sets behavioral expectations, and outlines each party's responsibilities. If they fail to uphold their half of the agreement, tensions can flare as tenants fight for the right to comfortably live in their homes and landlords defend their investment.

Our Birmingham attorneys at Somma & Macon PC, are experienced representing both landlords and tenants locked in dispute. Many Alabama residents do not realize that a number of laws govern the rights and responsibilities of both parties. Our attorneys can explain these regulations and assess how they impact your case.

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Common Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Each case is unique, and deserves thorough evaluation. While disputes can widely vary by topic and scope, some of the most frequent landlord-tenant disagreements revolve around the following issues:

Tenant grievances:

  • Landlord fails to return renter's security deposit after they move.
  • Landlord fails to provide proper notice of rent raises.
  • Landlord inappropriately files for tenant eviction.
  • Landlord fails to provide notice before entering property.
  • Landlord improperly retaliates after tenant exercises their legal rights.
  • Landlord violates fair housing rights.

Landlord grievances:

  • Tenant refuses to pay, or withholds rent.
  • Tenant refuses to leave after properly filing for eviction.
  • Tenant violates terms of renting contract.

What Should Alabama Residents Know About Eviction?

Eviction is an intensely debated topic that substantially impacts both tenants and landlords. Tenants want a secure living arrangement, and landlords want the right to remove unwanted tenants.

Due to its sensitive nature, Alabama developed strict rules and procedures surrounding tenant evictions. A landlord's right to evict a tenant depends upon reason for the eviction. After just cause is produced, the landlord must provide the tenant with an unconditional quit notice. The landlord can only officially file for eviction after a legally determined period of time.

Either party should contact an attorney if they are faced with eviction. A lawyer can explain the laws governing eviction, and protect your rights through litigation if necessary.

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