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A car accident can result in many types of injury

The fear of injury is reason enough to do whatever you can to avoid trouble on the road. This doesn't even take into consideration the property damage typically associated with a motor vehicle accident.

As a driver, it's important to understand that an accident can result in many types of injury. Not only will this help keep you on your toes, but it will give you a clear idea of the steps to take should you find yourself in this position.

Here is a list of some of the more common car accident injuries:

  • Head injuries. For example, mild concussions are extremely common in all types of car accidents. If you strike your head during the crash, such as on the steering wheel or dashboard, it's possible that you'll suffer a concussion. Also, traumatic brain injury is a concern.
  • Back and neck injuries. Any damage to your back or neck, such as your spinal cord, can cause serious injury. For instance, paralysis will change your life forever.
  • Chest injuries. Blunt force trauma to the chest area is common and can result in injuries such as collapsed lungs and broken ribs. Additionally, if you have an existing heart problem, a blow to the chest could lead to cardiac arrest.
  • Broken bones. You can break any bone in your body during a car crash. For example, your legs, arms, hands and feet are at high risk of injury.
  • Burns and abrasions. Depending on the type and severity of the crash, burns and abrasions can come into play.

While no two car accident injuries are the same, here's something to always keep in mind: You need to receive immediate medical treatment for any injury you suffer.

The sooner you receive treatment the easier it is to make a full recovery.

Once you understand your injuries and have discussed your long-term prognosis, you can then focus on the cause of the accident, your legal rights and if you're in position to seek compensation from the negligent party.

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