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The real reason behind many car accidents

A large majority of Americans have heard it all before: never drive while tired. Nevertheless, a myriad of drivers ignore these words of wisdom and hit Alabama's roads while exhausted. While getting to work on time and running those important errands are certainly top priorities, driving drowsy can ultimately place a driver's life -- and the lives of others on the road -- in danger.

The Washington Post is quick to compare drowsy drivers with drunk drivers in an article on sleep deprivation and road safety. Using a study from the American Automobile Association, The Post goes on to share that 35 percent of Americans admit to sleeping less than the recommended seven hours of sleep. This statistic may appear to only give the sleep preferences of those surveyed, but in fact reflects a common problem among the nation's drivers today. The AAA also found that 21 percent of deadly crashes involved a driver who was sleep-deprived. This issue may become a difficult one to solve, but another contributing factor could be that of social pressure to perform everyday duties on little sleep. 

USA Today also focused on the nationwide issue of sleep-deprived driving, adding that drivers were 1.3 times more likely to become involved in an accident when skimping out on just an hour of sleep. That number only increases the more hours of sleep a driver misses. And this issue is hardly a small one: USA Today points out that a third of Americans get less than seven hours of sleep a night. Echoing the aforementioned source, USA Today points part of the blame toward a society that places immense pressure on work performance. As a result, many Americans push sleep to the back-burner. Part of making the nation's roads safer involves not only more responsible driving practices, but more rest altogether.    



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