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Highway collision kills Fairhope resident

A misconception may exist amongst many in Hoover that has them thinking that lawsuits filed in the wake of auto accidents are simply attempts for accident victims and/or their families to try and shake down others for a few extra bucks. This line of thinking represents civil actions as being punitive, and while that may be the case in some situations, more often than not such lawsuits are actually methods through which accident victims can afford their expenses. However, this misconception may be understandable given that lawsuits are typically based of an element of negligence. 

Reckless driving can certainly qualify as negligence, even in cases where the one driving recklessly had no intentions of harming others. Take the case of a recent car accident that occurred in Wyoming that claimed the life of a Fairhope resident. The man was driving along a state highway in his truck when he struck another truck head-on. The driver of the other vehicle ventured into his lane trying to pass a pickup truck hauling a trailer. That driver also lost his life in the accident. 

Passing vehicles is permitted on two-way undivided roads in certain areas, yet those attempting to do it are required to exercise caution when doing so. The fact that the driver attempting to make a pass in this particular case was unable to avoid a collision may imply that he failed to use such caution. Cases of recklessness may closely resemble this one, and leave accident victims facing inordinate expenses that auto insurance may not fully cover. Ultimately, they may be left with little choice but to seek added compensation through a lawsuit. Those in such a situation might want to seek out the services of an experienced personal injury attorney. 

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