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What is negligent entrustment?

Many car accidents in Hoover may come as the result of simple mistakes that sadly produce severe consequences. Then there are those where the negligence and/or recklessness of the driver responsible was so apparent that there is little confusion as to who is at fault. If the latter case best describes the car accident that you were involved in, then you may be justly question why such a driver was even given access to a vehicle in the first place. If it turns out that the car they were driving had been loaned to them, scrutiny may then naturally be directed at the vehicle owner. 

What are some dangers associated with pulling a trailer?

Driving can be very dangerous under any circumstances, but some people face a particularly high chance of being involved in an accident while they are out on the road. For example, pulling a trailer can be very risky if the driver is not aware of precautionary measures that need to be taken or they show a disregard for traffic safety. Moreover, those who do not have experience with driving while pulling a trailer may also be more likely to collide with another vehicle or swerve off of the road.

Alabama students injured in school bus accident

For parents in Alabama, the idea of a child suffering an injury in a car accident while on a school trip is a nightmarish scenario to consider. Unfortunately, the nightmare has become reality for parents of eight students injured when the school bus transporting them home to Roanoke, Alabama from a football game collided with a pickup truck. The driver of the pickup did not survive the accident and three adults on the bus, including the driver, sustained injuries in addition to the eight injured students.

Highway collision kills Fairhope resident

A misconception may exist amongst many in Hoover that has them thinking that lawsuits filed in the wake of auto accidents are simply attempts for accident victims and/or their families to try and shake down others for a few extra bucks. This line of thinking represents civil actions as being punitive, and while that may be the case in some situations, more often than not such lawsuits are actually methods through which accident victims can afford their expenses. However, this misconception may be understandable given that lawsuits are typically based of an element of negligence. 

How many pedestrians are killed annually?

Alabama drivers know the dangers that come from weather, road conditions and other drivers on the road that contribute to many thousands of accidents each year across the U.S. Pedestrians should know that they are at risk as well, and not just while they are crossing the street.

What to do if you’re involved in a car accident

Being involved in a car accident can be an extremely stressful experience, which is why all Alabama drivers should be well-informed on the proper steps to take after an accident occurs. offers insight on the proper steps for handling auto accidents, which can prevent further injury and offer protection in the event negligence is claimed.

What does Alabama's zero tolerance law mean?

For underage drinkers in Alabama who think one beer is not enough to make them a candidate for a DUI ticket, here is some bad news. The standard 0.08 blood alcohol concentration, which is the legal point of intoxication, is much lower for those under 21. For you, it is 0.02 percent.

The real reason behind many car accidents

A large majority of Americans have heard it all before: never drive while tired. Nevertheless, a myriad of drivers ignore these words of wisdom and hit Alabama's roads while exhausted. While getting to work on time and running those important errands are certainly top priorities, driving drowsy can ultimately place a driver's life -- and the lives of others on the road -- in danger.

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