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Detailing the attractive nuisance doctrine

Parents in Hoover understand that they have to let their children face the inherent risks the world has to offer. That understanding does not mean, however, that they do not automatically expect some degrees of assistance in protecting their kids from these dangers. The responsibility to keep kids safe from dangerous obstacles or attractions is not limited to those who know them; indeed, according to the Cornell Law School, the attractive nuisance doctrine assigns liability to property owners when children are injured on their lands and it is determined that they did not do enough to protect kids from dangers they knew to be present. 

Preventing common liabilities from injuring you at work

When you work in a warehouse and spend your time each day performing the same tasks, you may be a bit oblivious to the liabilities that surround you as you have become so used to the atmosphere and the nature of your responsibilities. However, being aware of common liabilities is important so you can be vigilant in protecting yourself from preventable injuries. At Somma & Macon PC, we have helped many people in Alabama to cope with personal injury cases. 

Judge rules in favor of store following frozen-pizza induced fall

Slip-and-fall cases in Hoover can be unique in that they typically need to involve some level of negligence or oversight on the part of a property owner in order to be valid. A good example might be a spill on a floor that creates slick conditions that the property owner is aware of, yet fails to address in a timely manner. Yet what about those cases that many might view as being simple accidents. The victims in such cases might have legitimate claims that the owners of the properties they were injured on failed to maintain safe conditions, while those same properties respond by saying that the victims did not exercise sufficient care. 

Can schools be held liable for shootings?

There is hardly a topic as grim as school shootings. In the wake of this week's events in Parkland, Florida, many distraught parents are wondering whether suing a school for a shooting is an option. With gun rights under the current spotlight, Alabama parents are gripped with fear that their childrens' schools may not be the safe spaces they once thought. After such a horrific event, some may question whether the institutions themselves can be held liable. 

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