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House-buyers beware is Alabama's rule for disclosure

If you are house-hunting in Alabama, one of the most important things to know is that the state is hands-off when it comes to disclosure requirements on the part of the homeowner. Alabama uses the rule of caveat emptor, or “let the buyer beware.” That means there are very few circumstances in which the seller must disclose problems with the home.

Reviewing the pros and cons of short sales

Like many Hoover residents, your vision of your dream home might not match the one you are currently living in. The trouble is that many such homes are outside of their dreamer's price ranges. It is for this reason why short sales are often so attractive. You might see a palatial home listed at an insanely low price on a short sale and wonder what the catch is. Countless people have come to us here at Somma & Macon PC with the same question. We tell them that there might not necessarily be a catch, yet a short sale is still not something that you want to jump into without thinking. 

Things to know when buying a home

As Alabama's houses continue to increase in value, a plethora of buyers have hit the market in search of a new place to call home. Of course, there can often seem to be a million tasks to check off the list when searching for the perfect place. What are average price trends? How does one jump over the mortgage obstacles? With of all of the questions most potential buyers usually ask, there are a few pointers to help make the search for a new home a successful one.

The beginning steps to selling a home

Putting a property on the market can make way for many new life changes. After all, selling a home generally indicates the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Many Alabama homeowners have found themselves at this stage, but are unsure of the many steps involved in actually selling a house. Below are some of the basics to selling a home, and the potential obstacles that sellers could face. 

Alabama's best housing markets

Calling Alabama home can have a number of perks; buying a home in Alabama can bring even greater joys. Countless residents in the state have made the choice of home ownership, and with good reason: many housing markets in the state are thriving. With the variety of overwhelming aspects that can come with purchasing new turf, there are some real estate details to keep in mind.

Understanding residential zoning laws

Building a home in Alabama can come with endless joys: the freedom to choose a layout plan, landscaping and interior design are only a few of the many benefits of building. With those benefits come the expected and less exciting aspect of zoning laws. Whether it is a neighbor dispute or a contract guideline, understanding the laws that govern property can easily raise confusion. By looking to the basics, builders and homeowners alike can become better informed about all parts of the process.

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